Twenty years of career, more than a thousand concerts all over the world, Giardini di Miro' are a reference name in the Italian independent scene since the early 2000s. Their sound is a mix of psychedelia, post rock, electronic music, shoegaze, noise.

 Giardini di Miro' come from the province of Reggio, in particular from Cavriago, a town just a few minutes from Reggio Emilia, whose honorary mayor is, since 1917, Vladimir Lenin.

The historical nucleus, unchanged, is formed by Corrado Nuccini, Jukka Reverberi, Lorenzo Cattalani, Emanuele Reverberi and Luca di Mira. Andrea Scarfone has recently replaced the bass player Mirko Venturelli. During the years Lorenzo Lanzi, Francesca Donadello,Alessandro Raina, Andrea Mancin, Andrea Sologni and Laura Loriga have also taken part in the group.

The project was born in 1994 from a friendship between Corrado Nuccini and Giuseppe Camuncoli, today well known cartoonist, at that time at the same University in Bologna. Only a few years later with the other members the band become ready to play and already from the first "Iceberg EP" the history of Giardini di Miro’ is a succession of albums, concerts, tours.

The discography is large: five official albums "Rise and fall of Academic Drifting" (2001), "Punk ... Not Diet!" (2003), "Dividing Opinions" (2007), "Good Luck" (2012) ) and "Different Times" (2018),  two works for silent movies  "Il fuoco" (2010) and "Rapsodia Satanica" (2014),  a soundtracks  “Sangue, la morte non esiste" (2005) with Elio Germano and a myriad of Ep, remixes with labels from all over the Europe with collaborations of the most varied artists from Apparat to Piano Magic, from Sophia to Sara Low, Hood, Isan, Paul Anderson, and many others.

The latest album of 2018 "Different Times” produced by Giacomo Fiorenza, comes from a work of almost two years and represents the sum of all the different styles of the band in balance between post rock, electronic, psychedelic.

The album comes out simultaneously with a homonymous book published by Crac Edizioni written by Marco Braggion with the whole story of the band from the beginning to the last job.

Giardini di Mirò